Covers trays

Covers trays

Ability to provide cover in cardboard or cellulose coupled with extruded PET film, PP, PE and peelable.
The covers can be welded to the edges of the tank, by sealing machine. To facilitate the opening of the package will be present on the lid an internal mezzotaglio, not necessary on the peelable lids (easy peel).
The covers can be supplied white or printed four-color inks odorless and tasteless food, more heat-resistant paint.

Lanx paperboard trays

Lanx paperboard trays

The LANX thermoformed trays are suitable for packaging of food products, fresh, chilled, frozen and ready meals.
They are inexpensive, customizable print, odorless and tasteless.
They can be frozen and reheated in the microwave or traditional. With greater flexibility and opportunities for innovative packaging.


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