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The use of board trays concern many sectors/industries and the number of opportunities are constantly increasing for many others i.e.:


Catering and restaurant industries are realizing the benefits and advantages there are when using dual ovenable board trays for foodservice.  Many foodservice environments (ie. Pubs, Restaurants, Meals on Wheels, etc.) are discovering that the versatility to be able to oven cook and microwave provides more convenience and quality for their customers.  Vaschetta alimentiThe use of these containers has become an excellent solution considering that they improve the properties released by the food, they have a classy presentation and they can be heated prior to serving on the table.



  • dual ovenability means convenience, it enables food to be served hot at all times

  • food remains warm for longer if in a container

  • enhances product release properties for better food presentation


Our dual ovenable trays is the natural frozen food tray for all types of food ranging from meat, fish and vegetables to ready meals and desserts.    Our coated board trays resist temperatures of -40°C without cracking which often occurs with plastic.  They can be taken from the freezer and then placed directly into a traditional or microwave oven and cooked at temperature up to obtain delicious and juicy food.  Furthermore, board trays are stronger and maintain their shape better when hot, making it safer to remove from the oven.  Also, dual ovenable board trays act as natural insulators, keeping your food warmer for longer once out of the oven.


  • From freezer to the oven and then served at table – ovenable board trays resist very high temperatures too

  • No chance for the tray to crack if dropped or banged against something

  • The original shape is maintained even after thermal stress


Modified Atmosphere Packaging – MAP - is becoming more and more common as it allows to extend the product’s shelf life without having to freeze it. The product is first placed in a dual ovenable tray, once cooked will be placed inside a second plastic container and then sealed in ATM. Doppio imballo

Ready prepared foods that can benefit from MAP are: lasagna, pancakes, ready meals, fish, vegetables, etc.


  • Extended shelf life of the product depending on the type of food

  • Placing the food container directly into the oven or microwave


LANX dual board trays, whether used with traditional or a microwave ovens, are an environmental solution to the packaging of chilled ready-made meals and desserts. When walking down the refrigerator isles of any major retailer, evidently plastic and foil trays prevail, yet dual ovenable board trays can be as aesthetically pleasing and can provide greater versatility, promoting the image and facilitating the marketing of the contained product through customizations.


  • the replacement of an additional printed packaging (sheath) with a printed tray and lid

  • major toughness at high temperatures

  • better product release properties (ie.: non-stick)


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