LANX Food Package was established at the beginning of 2010 primarily to manufacture dual ovenable containers to store foods, i.e. ready meals, suitable to use in all oven types, by employing a prime environmentally friendly material such as pure cellulose.

It has always been LANX’s strong belief to think that the use of thermo molded and eco-friendly containers bring great benefits to the food while it is being heated/cooked especially if compared to other different types of containers.

LANX’S work ethics can be summed up in three key words:


LANX’s 20-year experience in the paper industry, gained thanks to its founder’s ingenious expertise in mechanical engineering, has contributed towards the realization of the necessary equipment which has seen the initial idea transformed into reality.

The technological innovation is fundamental for the company. LANX is very concerned about the environment issue and we do our utmost to reply flexibly to the most demanding needs of the international markets.

LANX protects, preserves and takes care of your foodstuffs


Where we are

Located in the industrial area of Schio near Vicenza.


Via Campania, 19 - Z.I.

36015 Schio (VI) Italy

Telephone +39 0445 575805

Fax +39 0445 501332




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