PS009 | Volume 600cc | external dimensions 175x130x40mm

PS009 PS009 © Lanx Food Package

Oven paper tray for cooking, warming up and preserving any food, even acids and under salt ones, without sticking.
- Suitable for microwave
- It can be put directly from the freezer into the oven
- Do not cook at temperatures higher than  +180 °C
- Avoid the direct contact with the flame when using gas ovens
- It does not release any smell
- Pleasant to bring onto the table
- Ecological and environmentally friendly

Additional Info

  • Code: PS009
  • Volume: 600cc
  • external dimensions: 175x130x40mm tolleranza +/- 3 mm
  • Type cardboard: Trayforma Performance PET W - 350+40PET W g/m2
  • thickness: 555 μm
  • PET: White 40 g/m2 | Black 40 g/m2
  • base board: 390 g/m2
  • Machining type: Thermoformed
  • Temperature range of use: Containers suitable for temperatures of -40°C up to +180°C
  • Package: 200 trays stacked and protected by packaging
  • External packaging: External packing: corrugated carton box containing 600 trays, dimensions in mm: 500x270x560 (h)
  • Pallet: EPAL (800x1200 cm) se richiesto avvolto per un totale di 10800 pz
  • CE Regulation: Thermoformed trays in pure cellulose Trayforma Performance PET W, conceived for food packaging, CE Normative 1935/2004 - 1895/2005/CE - 597/2008/CE Directive 2002/72/CE - DM 21/3/73 art. 27 and further revisions - DPR 777/82 and further revisions
  • Customizations: Logo/Texts/Pictures up to 4 colours in flexo water based – Pantone choice
  • Certificate: Certifications and test reports on demand
  • Data: The indicated data may be subject to changes without notice by LANX Food Package.

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